Corporate Wellness and Blue Rewards

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CareFirst’s corporate wellness and Blue Rewards program gives you and your employees all the tools needed to live healthier lives. With real-time coaching support plus health and wellness deals, a healthier workplace is easy.

Sharecare, Inc. Wellness and Incentive Program

CareFirst has partnered with Sharecare, Inc.* to launch a new wellness and incentive program.

Beginning on March 1, 2019, upon renewal, your employees will have access to a digital experience that fully supports their health improvement efforts. Until renewal in 2019, your employees will continue to have access to the current (2018) wellness program resources.

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2018 Wellness & Blue Rewards Program

2019 Wellness & Blue Rewards Program

For employer groups with plan years beginning before December 31, 2018

CareFirst’s wellness and incentive program addresses more than your employee’s physical health, encompassing total well-being to include mental, emotional, financial and social health factors. Financial incentives encourage awareness and improvement of their health status.

The following materials can help you communicate the wellness and Blue Rewards incentive programs to your employees.

For groups with plan years beginning on or after January 1, 2019

CareFirst’s enhanced wellness program provides you with real-time access to the tools and support your employees need to manage their health anytime/anywhere.

The following materials can help you communicate the enhanced wellness and incentive program resources to your employees.

*Sharecare, Inc. is an independent company that provides health improvement management services to CareFirst members. Sharecare , Inc. does not provide CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield products or services and is solely responsible for the health improvement management services it provides.