Health Insurance Glossary

A place that provides health care services.
Family Deductible
The amount of annual deductible required to be paid when there are two or more family members on the policy. Many CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield policies limit the annual family deductible to two times the individual deductible.
Family Membership
Provides coverage for a husband, wife, and children or grandchildren, or a single parent with one or more children. Each additional child can be added to the family membership at no extra cost. Eligibility rules for children over 18 vary by plan and area, as do eligibility rules for grandchildren.
Fee-for-Service Payment System
A system in which the insurer will either reimburse the group member or pay the provider directly for each covered medical expense after the expense has been incurred.
A formulary, also called a drug list, is a list of prescription drugs your insurance plan covers. It typically includes the most commonly prescribed drugs—both brand name and generic—and shows how much you pay for each drug. The purpose of a formulary is to help you contain costs and ensure quality of care.