Employer's Privacy Policy

Health Information

Protecting member's confidential information has always been a priority for CareFirst. You have certain additional rights relating to your protected health information, whether oral, written or electronic. The Notice of Privacy Practices explains those rights.

General information about a claim can be provided to family members or other authorized representatives to solve a question or complaint, but specific diagnostic information can only be discussed with your written permission.

Medical Records

Although we do not maintain copies of your medical records, we may request copies of your medical records to process a claim.

You may request access to your medical records by contacting your provider's office and following their process for accessing your medical information.

Treatment Setting

Providers are required to implement privacy policies that address the disclosure of medical information, patient access to medical information, and the storage/protection of medical information. CareFirst reviews provider confidentiality processes during pre-contractual site visits for primary care physicians.

Other Uses of Information

Other uses of your member information including personal and financial data collected by CareFirst are required or permitted by law. We will continue our commitment to keep your personal, financial and medical information private and secure. The Notice of Privacy Practices explains how your information is used and disclosed.