Why Whole Health Matters

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employer say their employees expect a whole health program.

Your employees are complex people with a wide range of interconnected health needs. They don’t divide those needs into service areas or product types—so we don’t either. CareFirst’s integrated, whole-health solutions offer simplicity, ease and reduced costs for you and your employees.

There’s considerable overlap between dental, vision, and overall physical health—especially for people with chronic conditions. Whole health initiatives are designed to address this.

Whole health initiatives have shown higher consumer engagement with preventive care programs, as well as lower healthcare costs. When people are more engaged with programs that help them improve wellness and feel better, they're more satisfied with their health plan.

Current Initiatives

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Enhanced Dental and Vision Benefits

Since August 2021, CareFirst has provided additional dental and vision preventive services to eligible members who have diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure) or are pregnant at no extra cost to members.

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Dental Hypertension Pilot

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), blood pressure screenings during dental visits can help individuals avoid more serious health issues down the road. In 2021, CareFirst teamed up with leading dental practices to measure patient blood pressure during routine exams. These practices record BP readings and submit the information to CareFirst. They can also provide helpful educational materials and refer members to their primary care physician if their blood pressure is high.

As of July 2022, nearly 3,000 members screened and their BP readings sent to CareFirst. More than 120 members have engaged in a care management program.

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Closing Gaps in Dental Care

Routine dental care does much more than keep teeth clean—it keeps your whole body healthier. In Summer 2022, CareFirst reached out to approximately 20,000 CareFirst dental members who had not visited the dentist in over 18 months. These members received a postcard which emphasized the importance of preventive care and encouraged them to get back on track with regular cleanings. The postcard also directed members to My Account in case they needed to find an in-network dentist.

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Post-Surgery Dental Kits

Surgery can interrupt the body's natural defenses which keep mouth bacteria under control, making it critical for post-surgery individuals to practice proper oral hygiene. CareFirst launched an oral health initiative at the end of 2021 aimed at members with a cardiovascular-related hospital admission with the goal of preventing readmission due to infection. A care package is sent to educate members on the importance of good oral health post-surgery and encourage them to see their dentist regularly. To date, we have sent more than 500 dental care packages, which include a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss and an educational postcard.

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Short-Term Disability and Care Management

Most disability carriers provide members on short-term disability with income replacement and return-to-work assistance. CareFirst believes it’s also important to provide applicable clinical assistance during their disability. In Fall 2022, CareFirst will begin to offer care management services to members initiating an STD claim, in order to assist with their medical claims and care. This change will enable the Care Management team to begin to support members sooner.



of consumers agree that their doctors should have access to all health-related conditions or services, even those received from other doctors, in order to better coordinate and manage their care.

Savings Opportunities

Bundling medical, dental, vision, life and disability benefits with CareFirst is a smart move for you and your employees. At CareFirst, we make your whole health our priority, not just your medical coverage.

Bundling is an opportunity to simplify administration, streamline enrollment and claims and achieve significant financial savings. When you bundle CareFirst coverage, you and your employees benefit from an enhanced experience through our integrated online portal and working with one carrier.

Add one of these specialty products and receive a discount on your medical premiums:

Medical + Dental*

Save 2%

Medical + Vision*

Save .5%

Medical + Life, Short Term Disability, Long Term Disability, Supplemental Health Products

(2+ lines)

Save .25%

(up to a .75% maximum)


Up to 3.25%**

CareFirst 51+, fully insured group accounts are eligible for this discount.

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To start saving today and get a quote, contact your CareFirst account representative or submit our online form.

*Dental and vision discount is only eligible for employer-sponsored coverage.

**Effective 11.01.2023 for groups new or adding eligible specialty plan(s) with their fully insured medical plans may be eligible to get up to 3.25% saving on medical premiums.