Care Coordination

CareFirst has developed a support system of integrated programs and services to address the quality of care and cost issues challenging the health care system today. These programs and services offer a range of care coordination from hospital transitions to complex care coordination—all with the goal of reducing hospital admissions and readmissions.

Concierge Approach to Patient Care

Our programs encourage and promote an ongoing relationship between the member and their primary care provider (PCP)—physician or nurse practitioner—with the support of a team of nurses that help navigate the complexities of the health care system.

Nurse smiling at patient

Hospital Transition of Care

Hospital transition of care coordinators will help ensure members have everything they need in place when they leave the hospital.

Hospital Transition of Care

Nurse talking on the phone

Complex Care Coordination

When faced with a serious medical event or a long-term health condition – our nurses can help. Care coordinators can provide support for a variety of complex health concerns or conditions.

Complex Care Coordination

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Behavioral Health and Substance Use Support

CareFirst can connect members living with a mental health condition or substance use disorder to providers and resources. A 24/7 crisis line is also available for immediate support.

Behavioral Health/Substance Use Support