Member Tools

CareFirst knows that time is valuable and understanding how a health plan works can be time consuming. That's why we offer online tools and services that provide helpful information to help you make important health plan choices for you and your family.

Find a Doctor/Facility Directory

Whether you're looking for a provider close to where you work or a specialist or hospital near your home, use the Find a Doctor tool to find the right provider to meet your specific needs.

Compare and Research Doctors and Hospitals

Finding the right place to receive care and treatment is important. CareFirst provides convenient links to other web sites that offer tools to compare doctors and/or facilities. The Compare and Research Doctors and Hospitals tools can help you decide which doctor of facility is best for you.

Prescription Drug Tools

It’s tough to find time to shop around for the best deal when you’re busy. So CareFirst helps make it easy for you. Find time-saving prescription drug tools for whatever you need — from drug pricing to finding a pharmacy near you.