Health Insurance Glossary

Generic Drug
A drug which is the pharmaceutical equivalent to one or more brand name drugs. The Food and Drug Administration has approved such generic drugs. They meet the same standards of safety, purity, strength and effectiveness as the brand name drug.
Generic Substitution
When an FDA-approved generic equivalent (Tier 1) is substituted for a non-preferred brand name drug (Tier 3).
The employer company, organization or association that contracts with your insurance company to provide health benefits to eligible employees and their dependents.
Group Administrator
Individual responsible for handling employee health benefits for the employer.
Group Contract (GC)
A legal agreement between an employer group and a health plan that describes the benefits and limitations of the coverage.
Group Contribution/Employer Contribution
Portion of premiums that an employer or other group entity pays toward the cost of its members' and/or dependents' coverage.
Group Number
Group-specific identification number.