Health Insurance Glossary

Identification Card
Document issued to a covered member confirming his or her eligibility to claim benefits.
Vaccines against certain diseases, which can be administered either orally or by injection.
Refers to the use of providers who participate in the health plan's provider network. Many benefit plans encourage members to use participating in-network providers to reduce out-of-pocket expenses. See Out-of-Network.
Incidental Procedures
Procedures carried out at the same time as a primary procedure that are clinically integral to the performance of the primary procedure. A participating provider has contractually agreed to write-off the charges.
Indemnity Plan
Provision of specific cash payment reimbursement for designated covered services. Payments are made either to the member or directly to a participating provider.
Independent or Individual Practice Association (IPA)
A type of organization which contracts with individual providers or groups of providers to arrange for the provision of their professional services to enrollees of a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO).
Term used to describe the inability to become pregnant after a year or more of regular sexual relations without the use of contraception.
Infusion Therapy
Treatment that places therapeutic agents into the vein, including intravenous feeding.
Person admitted to the hospital to receive hospital services, including room, board and general nursing care.
Person, including dependents, covered by a contract. Also known as "covered person" or "member."
Investigational Procedures
See Experimental Procedures.