BlueDental Plus

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BlueDental Plus combines the best features of our plans. Offering access to one of the largest national networks available, the deepest discounts and richest benefits, BlueDentalPlus also provides orthodontia coverage for both children and adults. When a member visits a participating provider, preventive and diagnostic services are fully covered with no claim forms to file.

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Plan Flexibility & Options*

Sample Costs
Plan Feature BlueDental Plus
(Combined In-network/Out-of-network)
In-network: $25/$75 Out-of-network: $50/$150
Does not apply to Preventive and Diagnostic or Orthodontic Services
Annual maximum $1,500 (Employer-sponsored or Voluntary) or $2,000 (Employer-sponsored) Does not apply to Preventive & Diagnostic or Orthodontic Services
Orthodontia None or Child/Adult
Orthodontia lifetime maximum 1,500
Out-of-network reimbursement PPO fee schedule (Employer-sponsored and Voluntary) or 90 fee schedule out-of-network (Employer-sponsored only)
Funding Employer-sponsored or Voluntary
In-network coinsurances 100/80/50
Out-of-network coinsurances 100/80/50 or 80/60/35

* Employers with 200 employees or more can consult with our dental experts to customize a plan that fits their benefit need.